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Winter Boots to Protect Your FeetHiking, shopping, working, and snowshoeing are just a few activities that determine what you need to wear on your feet in cold weather. Even when wandering around “Carve This Way!”—the ice sculpture festival in Collingwood’s historic downtown from December 27 to January 4, 2014—you’ll need the right winter boots to keep your feet dry, warm, and comfortable.

You may have trouble finding one pair that meets all your criteria, especially if you hanker after those tall, close-fitting styles with 3-inch heels—not ideal for a trek through the woods! You don’t want to risk frostbite, ankle sprains, or worse when you head out for fun in the snow, though. The staff at our foot clinic advises finding at least one pair that has the following characteristics:

Water resistance. Wet feet equals cold feet. Boots with rubber shells below and a leather upper that can be treated to resist water have the right combination to keep feet dry in wet and slushy conditions. Wear them with a liner that is breathable and waterproof to keep wet out, but also let moisture from sweaty feet escape.

Height. If you often head out into deep snow, you’ll want boots at least a foot high, or those with a closable top or cuff that fits snugly around your leg, to keep the snow from falling over the top of the boot and melting on your socks.

Insulation. There are many types of synthetic insulation with brand names like Thinsulate, Primaloft, Heatseaker, Opti-Warm, or Zylex. There is also good old-fashioned wool felt, which has been an effective way of keeping feet warm for centuries.

Whatever winter boots you get, make sure they fit properly. Wear the type of socks you will normally wear when you try them on, and be sure they aren’t either so tight that pinched toes will lose circulation or so loose that your feet will slide around and get blisters. Check for tread that gives you traction on ice. Consider more lightweight, waterproof hiking boots if you will often be walking several miles, and remember that boots will be stiffer when you’re out in the cold.

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Photo Credit: Bykst via Pixabay.com