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May is World Foot Heath Awareness month and a time to give some serious thought to the most neglected part of your body. While it is one of the hardest working, we often don’t think too much about our feet.

 Did you know that the average person spends approximately 4 hours on their feet daily and takes about 8000 to 10,000 steps a day? Add this up and we walk 180,000 kilometers a lifetime. That’s equivalent to walking around the globe 5 times, marching in 115,000 parades or walking the length of the Great Wall of China 115 times. Now consider how much “care” you give your poor feet. Dry, rough, calloused, cracked, corns, bunions and the list of issues continue YET so few of us take preventative measures to not only make them look but also feel better.

This year’s Foot Health Month concentrates on educating the young on taking proper care of their feet. By discussing and teaching them on how to maintain healthy feet, we are improving the chances of potential foot problems in their future. This month, we will be discussing the following topics on children and teens:

  1. Long-Term Effects on Improper Footwear
  2. Selecting Proper Footwear
  3. Orthotics
  4. Fashion Over Function
  5. Obesity & Fitness