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Foot Pain

Participating in any sport requires physical attributes and health if you want to achieve your best. This is true for professionals and amateurs. Whether you play golf competitively or just enjoy heading to your favourite golf course on a Saturday morning, there is a good chance you depend on your feet in many ways. Even if you have a golf cart careening you from one golf hole to the next, you’re still going to do quite a bit of walking. Foot pain can certainly make that problematic. What you may not realize is that foot pain can also throw off your golf swing. The three most common foot issues that can ruin your game are neuromas, heel pain, and arthritis.

  • Neuromas – During a successful golf swing, you have weight on one foot and then the other. If you have neuroma in the ball of your foot causing foot pain, you will likely favour that foot, which affects your swing.
  • Heel Pain – Another important time in a golf swing is getting into the right solid stance and holding it appropriately. That is not easy when you are experiencing heel pain.
  • Arthritis – The follow-through of your swing dictates where the ball goes. If that is hampered by pain-causing or movement-restricting arthritis in your foot, particularly your big toe, that swing is going to be anything but graceful and controlled.

If you are finding your golf scores are progressively worsening and you are experiencing foot pain, it could very well be the culprit. Before you throw out your clubs and quit the game, call us at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic to learn about our effective treatments for foot pain that could get you back on the green again. We look forward to helping you enjoy the things in life that matter to you!