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Insurance coverage is a great benefit that many employers provide to their staff. If you are fortunate to have such extended health benefits, you don’t want to lose this money at the end of the year. You must take the opportunity now if you have any foot health care needs that you have been putting off!

Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic offers comprehensive foot care, including custom foot orthotics. These customized insoles reposition your feet to help with stability so your feet, and the rest of your body, can work as efficiently as possible. New technology has helped in developing orthotics to fit people of all ages and for all types of physical activities.

Perhaps you’ve been putting off buying a night splint for your heel pain. Or treating your ugly yellow toenails. Then now is the time to schedule your appointment– some of the costs can be split between this year and next year. Pick up the phone now and call our office today at 705-444-9929 for an appointment.

One more thing… we reserve appointments for this purpose each December but I checked before doing this video and even those are filling up fast as everyone wants to get in before the end of the year. I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity to invest in your foot health, call us today!