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The summer months may have you going and going and going…  Perhaps you are constantly busy with sports, errands, and activities that fill your schedule each day. With such a busy schedule, you may not take the time to think about the health condition of your feet until it’s too late and they’re already hurting. The wear and tear of active feet can result in painful complications that impact your toes.

Chiropodist Tony Abbott provides information about hammertoes and bunions, common foot conditions you should be aware of this summer.

  • Bunions. When your big toe joint drifts out of position, a bump can protrude on the side of the joint, called a bunion.  This can become larger and more painful when it rubs against footwear. In early stages, bunions can be addressed and treated with orthotics or night splints to slow the progression. However, in severe cases surgery may be required.
  • Hammertoes. Improper fitting shoes or an imbalance of toe muscles can cause your toes to deform into a claw-like position.  This usually affects the second, third, or fourth toes. Calluses and corns can easily develop on the top of the toes due to the hammertoe rubbing against footwear, which can create serious pain. Exercises to strengthen the toe muscles and properly fitted shoes with a roomy toe box can be effective in treating hammertoe pain. If left untreated, severe hammertoe conditions may require surgery.

How can you protect your toes from these painful conditions? Simple foot care tips can keep your toes happy and healthy this summer.  They include:

  • Invest in the right type of shoe. It can be easy to gravitate toward footwear that is most stylish or inexpensive. But a proper fitted shoe will make a world of difference when it comes to your foot health. Look for shoes that are designed to your foot type and shape, and you won’t be sorry!
  • Rest your feet. If you’ve been on the go all day and are experiencing sore feet, give them the rest they deserve.  You can soak feet in warm water or simply put them up while you relax.

Don’t let hammertoes or bunions ruin your summer plans! Contact our office for more information or to set up an appointment with Tony.

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