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RunnerThe sun is going down on summertime and that means Summer Sundown is just around the corner. Enjoy nightly entertainment and a variety of family activities that range from a scavenger hunt to hiking. The event runs from August 31 to September 2, 2013. Activity Central, near the Clocktower building, is open for ticket purchases—including the opportunity to test your grit at the rock wall.

Proper footgear is a must for sporting activities and rock climbing is no exception. While many rock wall climbers are novices, experts can attest to the importance of shoes that fit well. Once you find the ones that make your feet feel good, take care of them by keeping them clean and dry. Fight odor with antifungal spray. Worn out shoe gear should be retired before it causes foot pain.

Climbing gear must be tight, but that causes inherent problems for the feet. Not only are they squeezed—there is friction as well.  Morton’s neuroma is one common condition that results from compression of the feet. Fungal infections can also be an issue if dampness occurs and shoes are not allowed to dry between uses.

As summer comes to a close, consider how your activities are affecting your feet. If foot and ankle pain has kept you from your summer favorites, an appointment at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic will help get you back on track. Chiropodist Tony Abbott and his expert staff understand that happy feet mean a happy you. Call (705) 444-9929 today for an appointment at our Collingwood, ON office.