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Did you know that over 9 million Canadians have been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes? Both conditions have become a worldwide pandemic that is affecting the lives of more and more people each day. To honour November being National Diabetes Month, we want to draw awareness to the serious damage diabetes can cause to your feet and how you can take better care of them to prevent such issues from occurring.

When you have diabetes, loss of blood circulation can create numbness and nerve damage in your feet referred to as neuropathy. The condition can cause simple cuts or wounds that may develop on your feet to become infectious. Foot ulcers and even possible amputation can result from leaving your foot wounds or neuropathy symptoms left untreated.

What can you do to prevent these serious conditions from affecting your foot health? Start with simply taking general care of them! Washing your feet thoroughly each day, inspecting for cuts or wounds, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can all help reduce your chances of suffering from diabetes foot complications.

If you have noticed any abnormal changes to your feet that you’re unsure about, contact our office. Our foot specialist, Chiropodist Tony Abbott, is successful in treating diabetes foot conditions and can help you maintain your foot health!

Are you getting involved to help support finding a cure for diabetes or raising awareness this month? Please share by commenting below! To find National Diabetes Month events, fundraisers, or to donate, visit the Canadian Diabetes Association webpage.