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Fall ushers in the most amazing contrasting colours in nature. From deep greens that turn to yellow, and oranges that turn fiery red, familiar places are turned into wonderful and seemingly new landscapes because of the changing season. One of the best ways to enjoy fall and stay healthy at the same time is to enjoy hiking trails near you! Take a peek at these hiking trails near Collingwood fit for various levels of hiking intensity.

Easy Peasy

Black Ash Trail is easily accessible year round! If you enjoy hiking and/or running, this is a great place to do both. For beginners, it’s a wonderful trail to get acquainted with and warm up for more challenging paths. This easy and fun 2.2-mile trail is great for aerobic activity without getting too worked up. Similarly, River Trail is a 2.5-mile trail you can walk or run through. It goes through Collingwood, which makes it a bit busy but the location and length makes it a convenient trail.

If you’re up for a longer hike but still want to take it easy, you might enjoy Hardy Lake Trails. Explore the mature hardwood forests and marvel at the verdant scents and beautiful sights as you traverse the trail. It’s a 4.7-mile hike with boardwalks and wetlands for you to explore.

Stepping It Up

Enjoy views of Nottawasaga Bay when you hike at Sunset Point Trail. No matter your hiking level experience, it will keep you coming back for more because of the amazing views and engaging path. It’s just a little over a mile—so a relatively short walk—and is also great if you feel like going for a run. Make the most out of it before it gets icy though, as it tends to get hazardous and slippery in the winter.

One of the things that make a trail a bit more challenging is the inclinations you’d have to deal with. Truly a workout for your legs and core while balancing! When you’ve built endurance from easier trails, Bruce Trail’s frequently changing elevation will give you enough challenge without wearing you out. It’s a rugged hiking trail that definitely calls for a bit of experience, proper gear, and familiarity before being a comfortable one. Once you find it familiar enough, it’s a great trail where you can prepare for more challenging ones if you hike during winter though—just make sure you’re wearing water-proof boots and extra layers of clothing!

Bring on the Challenge!

Are you ready to test your endurance? Try out the Georgian Trail, a 21-mile moderate-difficulty hiking trail that is more challenging in terms of length and being able to finish it! The scenery is 100% worth every step though, as you have the forest on one side, and the shoreline on the other.

If you’re confident in your hiking skills and are ready to work all muscle groups in your body, Duncan Escarpment’s caves, cliffs, and crevices are waiting for you. Spelunking and climbing where needed will definitely be a full-body workout. Keep your eyes on the markers and watch your footing as this 6.5-mile trail has a difficulty level that may take you 2 to 5 hours!

As always, remember to wear a proper hiking outfit whenever you go out on your excursions. Dressing up properly for the weather will let you enjoy this activity more! Make sure to wear supportive footwear to avoid stressing out your arches and by extension, your ankles and legs. Hydrate, pause to take some breaths, and keep moving until you feel that sense of fulfillment from finishing hiking these great trails near Collingwood.