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TrainIf you have a set exercise routine that you follow daily, you most likely are in great shape.  However, if you stick to the same running or workout routine, then you may be setting yourself up for foot injuries, body exhaustion, or just plain boredom from participating in the same physical activities day after day. How can you prevent injury or burnout from affecting your exercise? Cross training is the answer!

When you cross train it conditions different muscle groups and allows variation of stress to be put on those muscles you don’t normally put to use. There are many health benefits that can come from incorporating cross training into your exercise regimen, especially if you are training for an intense event like a marathon.

  • Injury prevention.  By focusing on different muscles from those trained in your usual routine, cross training conditioning can help tremendously to prevent foot injuries from occurring. If you have just started running or a new workout routine, then cross training is especially beneficial since it will help your body become agile and prepared for your exercise.
  •  Rehabilitation. If a running injury does occur from overuse, cross training can make up for the exercise you lose when recovering. For example, if you are suffering with a foot injury, but still want to keep up with your workout routine, you can perform exercises that focus on core or upper body strength. This can only benefit your health and will keep you in shape for when you are able to return to running.
  • Motivation. Even if you have a passion for running, it can become very mundane especially if you run the same route every day. By cross training and engaging in other exercise activities you can maintain enthusiasm for your favorite sport!

It’s important to keep yourself in shape with cross training, which balances different muscle exercise to prevent foot injury as well as boredom! For more information, call our office today!

Photo credit: Naypong via freedigitalphotos.net