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SodaDo you remember when the camel and Marlboro Man disappeared?  Cigarette companies were forced to withdraw TV advertisements that might attract young audience members to smoke. Now, pop singer Katy Perry is the recipient of an open-letter ad that compares her unofficial Pepsi promotion to Virginia Slim ads of yesteryear.  Perry, who is the idol of many young women around the world, has no formal agreement with the soft drink company.  However, the letter placed in Variety suggests that her fans will see drinking soda as “hip, sexy and rebellious.”

There’s debate about the young start’s true intent, but at a time when diabetes is on the rise and childhood obesity is more common than ever before, many health officials want to send a completely different message, “Water trumps soda every time!”

Did you know that one can of soda surpasses the daily recommended allowance for sugar?  Making the choice to drink a glass of cold water over your favorite soft drink makes a huge impact on your calorie intake and ultimately your weight. Studies have shown that drinking a soda every day raises the likelihood of Type 2 diabetes. This disease affects the entire body, and is often first noticed in the feet.

Diabetic foot care is crucial once the disease is diagnosed, but Type 2 diabetes is avoidable and reversible. Choices that you make today will affect your health tomorrow. You have the power to make a decision now that will help you avoid a life of reduced mobility, loss of feeling in the feet, and constant concern about the condition of your body’s foundation. These are realities that many diabetics face each day.

If you’re ready to change your health habits, start with your feet. Chiropodist Tony Abbott will help you understand how extra weight and medical conditions can affect your foot health.  You’re not alone in your fight to live a long, healthy life. Call the Collingwood, ON office today at 705-444-9929 to schedule an appointment, or book online.  We look forward to serving you at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic.

Photo credit: gt_pann via freedigitalphotos.net