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Maximalist Running Shoes could Help you Run.Are you ready for the Met Con Race at Blue Mountain Village on June 14? If you would enjoy 5 km of obstacles, inclined trails, rocky creeks, fire, and smoke—complete with Bigfoot and aliens—this is the event for you! Runners are always looking for something new to spice up their sport. Sometimes, it is more trouble to keep up with the latest running trends than to keep up with your competitors in the race! Minimalist running is yesterday’s news. Now it’s all about maximalist running and the special shoes that it entails.

Minimalist running enthusiasts encouraged running barefoot, claiming it helped form stronger feet and improved your performance. Maximalism, on the other hand, uses high-cushioned running shoes that lift you to another level. It’s not just the amount of foam between you and the ground, but finding that “sweet spot” where the shoe’s profile, shape, and foam cushioning actually help you perform better.  Long-distance ultrarunners have latched on to this style, because they appreciate the extra cushion as the miles mount up. Maximalist shoes actually incorporate some minimalist ideas, in that the material is very lightweight and the heel-to-toe incline is kept to a minimum.

Is maximalist running for you? The main thing you need are shoes that fit properly and accommodate your particular foot structure, so you can run without injury and pain. Though the price tag may be hefty, it may be worth it if it means you can enjoy your sport without hurting. Contact Chiropodist Tony Abbott in Collingwood, ON, for an analysis of what your foot needs and whether maximalist shoes may be the answer. You can reach our office at (705) 444-9929 or request an appointment online

Photo credit: hyena reality via freedigitalphotos.net