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Different injuries call for different treatment and management options. Today, technology allows us multiple avenues for pain management and therapies for supportive healing. In turn, these options can help avoid invasive treatments. One such option is MLS laser therapy.

What is MLS Laser Therapy?

MLS stands for Multiwave Locked System, and is currently the most advanced laser therapy option available. MLS was developed to help produce an efficient as well as simultaneous effect on injuries that exhibit pain, swelling/inflammation and edema, while delivering therapeutic wavelengths on the injured site.

It is a drugless, painless, and non-invasive way to help patients recover from painful, and usually costly injuries. MLS uses a fully robotic laser to deliver 808nm wavelengths that counter edemas and inflammation, as well as 905nm wavelengths that reach deeper into the tissue to achieve analgesic effects for pain relief. Simultaneously, MLS minimizes the risk of thermal damage.

What is it for?

MLS Laser Therapy can effectively treat inflammation and pain that comes from conditions including but not limited to:
Sports injuries
Muscular sprains and strains
Injuries to the ligaments and tendons
Plantar fasciitis

Because it can be used for a range of conditions that lead to inflammation, pain, and swelling, it is best to consult your physician to determine whether your concern can benefit from the proven effects of MLS Laser Therapy.

What can you expect from MLS Laser Therapy?

One of the top benefits of MLS Laser Therapy is that it is quick and painless. Sessions usually last anywhere around 10-12 minutes—the length depends on the type of concern being addressed. The patient is advised to position themselves comfortably before the session, and once comfortable, the laser technician will position the MLS Laser’s robotic head over the area to be treated. A laser beam is then guided atop the skin’s surface, and multiple passes are done over the area being treated.

All the patient has to do is relax and stay still so the laser can do its work. Of note, some patients recount feeling a sense of comfort from the point of contact while others indicate feeling no sensation at all. While sessions are short, the number of session per patient will vary depending on the severity of the area being treated. Results can be felt as quickly as the first session, but some report positive effects after the third session or more.

Why We Love MLS Laser Therapy

At Abbott Foot and Ankle Clinic, we take pride in providing the most personalized and attentive care possible for our patients. We love MLS Laser Therapy because it helps us provide unique treatment plans for our patients, especially those who are eligible for noninvasive therapies or those who elect not to opt for invasive procedures.

MLS also delivers a more accurate dose of delivery with its robotic head, and for us, this means consistent output and reliable, repeatable results. Progress can be noted after each session, and depending on how the patient’s body responds to therapy, the total number of sessions may be lessened as needed.

Furthermore, MLS Laser Therapy can alleviate not just acute pain but chronic pain too! The amount og joy we are able to bring to patients who have “tried everything” for certain injuries is priceless, and being able to bring back comfort to their lives is our goal.

Indeed, this drugless, painless, non-invasive, and accurate method of delivering therapeutic doses of laser treatment is a proven way to improve our patients’ condition, and ultimately helps speed up recovery without causing any further discomfort during the treatment sessions. Book your appointment online today to find out more about how MLS Laser Therapy can work for you.