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“When my feet hit the floor in the morning, they really hurt. I’m experiencing pain for the first few steps every time!” Can you relate? You might be suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, an inflammatory foot condition commonly caused by lack of proper arch support. When left untreated, Plantar Fasciitis can become debilitating, with symptoms prolonging and worsening throughout the day.

Wondering what causes such a persistent problem? Are you on your feet all day for work, or have your recently increased your exercise significantly? Prolonged periods of standing can cause morning foot pain, and your new workout regimen could also be to blame—but we’re not suggesting your drop your new habit like yesterday’s news. Instead, orthotic inserts might provide some extra support for your feet, which will lead to relief. You can talk with your foot specialist about the right type of orthotic for your foot, or try tennis shoes with increased stability and support. An orthotic will help you to achieve a more natural position for your foot, which will relieve pain.

Other causes for Plantar Fasciitis and/or morning heel pain my include wearing shoes that lack the right level of support for your foot, significant weight gain, a sedentary lifestyle, playing sports, running and golfing.

If you’re already experiencing pain on a daily basis when you get out of bed, imagine its intensity and duration increasing over time. It is worth the risk? No one likes to be limited by a physical pain or discomfort—and you shouldn’t have to be! Call our office today to schedule a comprehensive evaluation, or for any questions you might have regarding orthotics, supportive shoes or morning foot pain.