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pain managementSore feet; achy knees; low back pain; falling arches; ankle pain. Sometimes pain management when it comes to our day-to-day functions is overwhelming. What you may not realize is that the different choices we make, steps we take, and activities we pursue can all affect our comfort or discomfort levels over time. At Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic, we are committed to helping each of our patients achieve greater comfort and reduced pain with orthotics. We’ve provided a few facts to consider that may convince you that seeing us for orthotics is the best path to pain management.

  • We have 26 bones and 33 joints in our feet that take the impact of our weight every day for our entire lives.
  • Our feet are more susceptible to injury during sports because of the greater impact of our weight on our feet – between one and two times our total body weight!
  • Footwear (both heels and flat shoes), aging, weight gain, and reduced muscle mass can all cause additional strain on our feet.
  • A painless injury in the foot can cause discomfort in other areas of our body, including the ankle, knee, and back.
  • Our walking gait can cause us to compensate for discomfort, creating problems for our other joints. For example, heel pain may cause us to rotate our ankle, which then grinds the knee.
  • Genetic dispositions such as high arches or flat feet can lead to poor shock absorption, causing us to seek out pain management techniques for our daily activities.
  • The structure of our legs (for example, having one leg shorter than the other) can cause us to compensate, which then leads to hip and pelvis concerns.

The good news is that orthotics, and specifically custom orthotics, are the perfect solution when you are experiencing one or more of these issues. At Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic, we’ll be happy to discuss your concerns, provide an assessment, and provide the orthotics that get you back in action.