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Running and OrthoticsYou know the old saying: “When your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.” Some foot specialists may have that attitude about orthotics, thinking they are the solution to every source of foot pain in runners, but the experts know better. We can help determine who needs orthotics and who may just need a good stretching program or better shoes.

Pain in your feet could come from a variety of issues: a fracture, a sprain, overpronation, nerve problems, tight muscles and tendons, or a deterioration in these soft tissues that allows foot bones to move around too much. Each of these underlying causes will require different remedies.

Trained sales people in an athletic shoe store can guide you toward the right type of shoes—motion control for heavy runners or those with low arches, extra cushioning if your arch is high. If you still have pain, the machine you stand on in the department store might indicate which type of shoe insert might help support and cushion your feet, but that won’t address the basic issue. To get the best answers for your foot pain, you should go to someone who specializes in feet and enjoys running. You’ll find both at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic.

We look at the total health of your feet, and examine them and watch how they move when you stand and walk. We’ll ask questions about your pain, to locate it and see what triggers it. We may find that your heel pain is due to plantar fasciitis, or the discomfort in your forefoot to a pinched or swollen nerve. Only when we understand the cause can we determine whether custom orthotics are worthwhile and will allow you to follow your passion for running without pain.

If your feet hurt when you run, don’t wait for the problem to get so bad that you have to stop running. Give Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic in Collingwood, ON a call at (705) 444-9929 and let our expert staff help find some answers for you. Ask for our free books, Custom Foot Orthotics and The Runner’s Guide to Healthy Feet and Ankles, and remember to check out our Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest pages, too, for running tips and foot care information. We’re here to help you run better and safer!