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Pain ManagementEvery time you run, your feet take a beating. If you have noticed that your feet feel more sore, stiff, and painful after you take off on a long jog, a quick run on the treadmill, or even a walk around the block lately, here are some pain management tips to ease soreness and prevent injuries so you can continue with your running routine:

  • Massage with a tennis ball–You probably don’t have a friend who wants to rub your feet regularly, so instead, pick up a tennis ball and give yourself a self-massage. While sitting or standing, put the ball underneath your foot and roll it around your arch and anywhere else on your foot that feels sore.
  • Trim your toenails--Many people overlook the role their toenails play in pain management. Since long toenails can rub against the top of your shoe or cut your adjacent toes while you run, make sure you keep your toenails well-trimmed.
  • Stretch--Any runner will tell you that stretching is the key to pain management, but many don’t follow their own advice. Every time you go on a run, take time to stretch. As you do this, don’t forget to focus on your feet in addition to your legs and arms.
  • Take care of inflammation--If your feet are particularly sore after a run, fill a water bottle with ice cubes and water. Then, put a towel over the bottle and put the arch of your foot on top of it. Rock your foot back and forth applying pressure to the spots that are hurting the most.