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seek out professional help for your pain management

Participation in sports or regular exercise is a great way to extend your life and enjoy it more by living a healthy and active lifestyle. However, when those sports or exercises are causing you pain, there’s not much enjoyment to be had! In fact, if you aren’t able to combat the source of the pain, many athletes fall into a slump of depression when they’re unable to continue with an activity they enjoy. Instead of hanging up your athletic shoes and saying goodbye to all your comfy active wear, let our team at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic assist you with some pain management tips for athletes.

First, make friends with R.I.C.E. This stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Often a twist of the ankle or an overtraining injury can be healed just by taking a couple of days off, but more serious issues will need a little more care. Rest helps with pain management, but not quite as much as the ice, compression, and elevation. Ice helps to dull the pain while also keeping swelling down. Find good compression with either sports tape wraps or compression socks.

Second, don’t resume your previous level of activity immediately. Take it slow and ease yourself back into your normal routine to avoid re-injury.

Finally, seek out professional help for your pain management. If your sports injury is a recurring one, our team at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic might be able to help you prevent it with foot orthotics, compression or even certain exercises, all of which can aid in pain management.