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Nerve painPeripheral neuropathy affects many diabetics, and the resulting loss of feeling can be both painful and frustrating.  Taking steps to manage blood sugar levels can reduce the effects of this condition, and treatment options are available.  However, many patients find the side effects of drugs just as detrimental as the neuropathy itself.  

Anticonvulsants, pain medications, and anti-depressants are often prescribed for this diagnosis.  Keep in mind that these medications are only treating the pain.  The actual condition will only improve if its source is addressed, which is why keeping blood glucose levels in check is critical.  These types of drugs can have serious side effects that include sleepiness, dizziness, nausea, suppressed appetite, and constipation.  While they may be necessary in some cases, there are other more preferable treatments.

Topical creams can provide the same type of pain relief as a drug without the unwanted side effects.  Safe and effective, Biofreeze is prescribed at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic.  Over-the-counter topical creams are shown to reduce pain in patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy.  Applied directly to the feet, biofreeze begins working within minutes of its application.  Along with biofreeze, there are other treatment options as well.  Light therapy, physiotherapy, and medical foods are also used in our practice.   

Caring for the whole person is important to us.  If a medication treats a symptom, but creates other issues that affect a patient’s quality of life—we look for a better solution.  If you’re suffering from the effects of peripheral neuropathy, Chiropodist Tony Abbott can help.  Don’t let pain control each day.  Call our Collingwood, ON office today at (705) 444-9929, or schedule an appointment online.

Photo Credit: geralt via Pixabay