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Your feet take quite a beating with the amount of walking, jogging, jumping, and general weight bearing they endure.  However, as you grow older your feet change and complications can easily arise. Aging can cause changes to your feet and pain can result, which causes you to lose the spring in your step.

Chiropodist Tony Abbott provides information on the following aging foot changes that may be causing your foot pain.  They include:

  • Change of Shape. As more years of mileage are put on your feet, the arch that helps support the foot can collapse as the ligaments become relaxed. Not only can this create pain in the arches or heels of your feet, but also the result of flatter feet can cause your normal shoe size to become too small.
  • Loss of Cushioning in Your Feet. Natural padding on your feet decreases as you age, which decreases your protection on the bones and balls of your feet.  When this happens it creates pain.
  • Skin Changes. Blood circulation to your feet often dwindles with age, and causes the skin on your feet to become thinner and drier.  This leaves your feet susceptible to cracks and wounds slow to heal.
  • Arthritis Development. Arthritis is a common condition seen in older people, especially arthritis of the feet since those joints take such a beating from your body weight, and cause joint pain.

No matter what foot changes you’ve been experiencing due to age, foot pain is never a normal occurrence.  Foot pain is preventable and treatable.  Tony recommends the following helpful ways to alleviate your foot pain:

  • Putting your feet up while resting to help improve circulation.
  • Washing your feet with warm water on a daily basis and applying moisturizer afterward (except for between the toes).
  • Measuring your feet for the right size each time you go shoe shopping.

Contact our office as soon as you experience foot pain.  You can set up an appointment with Tony to evaluate your condition. He is professionally trained to successfully treat such aging complications and can provide you with the proper treatment plan that is suitable for your feet.