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Millions of seniors fall each year and experience injuries from the trauma. Whether it is an ankle break, broken hip, or broken leg, these falling injuries can cause lasting damage.  It can also take a while for you to recover. Taking a hard fall can result in a lengthy hospital stay as well as a painful recovery and rehabilitation.

You cannot predict or expect most falling episodes, but there are ways to lower your risk for a fall. Chiropodist Tony Abbott provides the following helpful safety tips to help prevent falling injuries.

  1. Consult with your doctor. You and your medical care provider can create a fall prevention plan that is suitable for your health condition and environment. Factors that will contribute to this plan include your current medications, whether or not you have taken a fall already, and if your current health may result in a fall.
  2. Keep active. If approved by your physician, physical activities like walking, water aerobics, or tai chi, can all be beneficial forms of exercise.  These activities will help improve your strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility.
  3. Wear adequate footwear. Buy properly fitting and sturdy shoes that have extra thick soles and are lace ups instead of slip-ons. These shoe characteristics will help keep your feet stable on the ground without worry of slipping.
  4. Remove hazards in your home. Spend time looking around your home and remove any possible objects.  Pay particular attention to items that may cause you to trip and keep necessities within easy reach.
  5. Light up your space. Use night-lights and reachable lamps in your living space to avoid tripping on objects that are hard to see.
  6. Consider using assistive devices. Walkers, canes, handrails, and grab bars in the bathroom are all helpful devices to provide support. Consider investing in devices that will be most beneficial for your home setting.

Reduce your risk of falling and suffering from a severe injury by incorporating these safety tips into your lifestyle. For more information on how you can protect your foot health from falling incidents, contact our office to set up an appointment with Tony.

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