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Canadian and LA Laker, Steve Nash, has been making headlines for many years for his work both on and off of the court.  In 2010, he directed a documentary for ESPN about the life of Canadian great, Terry Fox.  Fox began his “Marathon of Hope,” pledging to run a marathon every day to raise money for cancer research.  He ran 3,339 miles in 143 days, but was forced to stop after his own cancer made it impossible for him to continue.

Fox has inspired Canadian runners who remember watching his determination in 1980.  Many have aspired to be as bold and committed.  However, despite training and hard work, some runners incur painful injuries and setbacks.

One of the most common reasons that runners suffer pain is that they overpronate.  Every person’s foot must pronate during the course of a step.  The heel hits the pavement, and then a 15% inward motion is expected to spread out the weight and stress of impact before the foot completely touches the ground.  This motion the foot’s shock absorber.  For people with a poor foot structure, particularly flat feet, the foot rolls an excessive amount, and the impact of each step creates pain in the ankles, knees, and hips.  Heel pain is also a common result.

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