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Athletes Foot or foot fungus can easily be picked up on pool decks, showers and locker rooms. These areas are warm and moist – just the right conditions for fungus to thrive!  Throw in a few hundred sets of barefeet and you have ideal conditions to contract and spread foot fungus.

Dive Into Swimming PoolMany people ask “Why me?  I have never had this before and I always wash my feet”.  Well, the simple answer is fungus is everywhere.  Your skin is usually enough of a barrier to protect you, but if you have a small scratch or opening on the foot, the fungus will jump at the opportunity to get in.  A similar thing happens with your toenails.  A trauma of some type to your toenail, can lead to toenail fungus which causes your nails to become thick and unsightly.   In advanced cases, the nails can become painful and difficult to cut.  At this point, you will benefit from professional foot treatments at our Collingwood foot clinic.

At the first sign of itchiness or burning, either between the toes or on the soles of the feet, it is necessary to get professional foot care so that the fungus does not get well established.  Treating a mild case of foot fungus or toenail fungus is much easier than dealing with it once it is well established.

Fungus can be stubborn to treat on your own.  Two main reasons for this are:  1) many over-the-counter fungus products are really not that effective and 2) most people do not use them long enough to actually kill the fungus.  Another point that is often overlooked is the need to disinfect your shoes. After all, there is no point of clearing the skin or toenails then putting your foot back into a fungus infested shoe or workboot.  The fungus will return very quickly.

Fungal infections require proper medical care. We see this frequently in our Collingwood foot clinic.  Our protocol includes prescription creams, topical antifungal agents, disinfecting your shoes regularly and fungal toenail laser when required.  Call Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic today 705-444-9929 or request an appointment online to get relief now.

Photo Credit: CapeJT via Pixabay.com