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Foot PainFinding the right shoes is one of the best things you can do to reduce foot pain. The next time you are out shopping for shoes, whether they are for running, working, or running errands on the weekend, here are 10 guidelines you should follow to find the perfect fit:

  1. Measure your feet–Your feet change shape over time, so even if you have been the same size for years, this may not be true anymore. For the most accurate sizing, get your feet measured.
  2. Have both feet measured—Many people have feet that are different sizes, so make sure you get both of your feet measured to reduce foot pain while wearing shoes.
  3. Shop at the end of the day–Your feet are the most swollen at the end of the day, so get your feet measured after work or school to ensure your shoes remain comfortable all day long.
  4. Use your size as a starting point--Keep in mind that while your feet may be a certain size, different brands and styles of shoes can fit your feet differently, so be open to different sizes if they fit better.
  5. Look at the shape--The shape of the shoe you are buying should resemble the shape of your foot.
  6. Don’t plan on the shoes stretching–Instead of relying on your shoes to fit after they stretch out, make sure they fit when you originally buy them.
  7. Pay attention to the ball of your foot--To reduce foot pain, the shoes you buy should comfortably fit the widest part of your foot — the ball.
  8. Make sure the toes fit--When you put on your shoes, your toes shouldn’t rub up against the top of them.
  9. Stand up--The best way to make sure a pair of shoes fit is to put them on, stand up, and walk around.
  10. Match the shoe--Make sure that for whatever activity you are buying the shoes for, they work for that purpose.