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Rotary SwimEnjoy the Rotary Community Swim at Collingwood’s Centennial Aquatic Centre for the two-hour open swim—it’s fun for the whole family. If foot and ankle pain has your running routine off track, a swimming workout may be just the thing to keep you fit while you recover.

Serious runners will do almost anything to stay active. However, ignoring discomfort is never wise, since it can lead to chronic pain and frequent injuries. Time in the pool can add variety to your exercise plan, or it can substitute for your normal run, while you recover from an injury. The right kind of water routine can give you the same cardiovascular benefit and protect your foundation.

Go running in the water! You may picture yourself sprinting around the pool, but you actually won’t see much progress. Take a belt to the deepest part of the pool, and go against the flow. Vary the movement of your legs, but otherwise try to maintain the same form you would use on dry land.

Mix in swimming laps with the water run. Combining the two during your hour workout is ideal. This traditional pool routine gives your feet and ankles a break. Vary your stroke, and gradually increase the number of laps and your speed each time. You’ll enjoy pushing your body to reach a new goal.

Don’t ignore stretching just because you’re in the pool! Grab the side (no flotation device required), and do leg sweeps. This exercise can be done from left to right while facing the wall. Now turn to the side, slightly bend the knee, and tilt your foot up toward your shin. From this position, you can sweep the leg forward and backward.

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Photo Credit: tpsdave via pixabay.com