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Tony with patientThe Collingwood Half Marathon and 10K is scheduled for Saturday, October 5, 2013.  Many local runners are brushing off their running shoes as the temperatures climb, and training schedules are formulated. Some may be haunted by consistent running related foot pain.

Before you put on your racing shoes, run to Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic for a thorough examination of your feet.  Prevention is the best way to avoid pain and injury.  Chiropodist and experienced runner Tony Abbott and his knowledgeable staff will assess your needs, and have you on your way to a pain-free season of running.

To make the most of your visit, prepare your questions ahead of time.  List the symptoms that you are experiencing, and note important details.  For instance, is your pain worse in the morning?  Are you experiencing pain while at rest?  Your medical history and current medications are important pieces of information that will help our staff get to know you.

A thorough examination of your feet will assist in your diagnosis.  Bring your running shoes along, and another pair that you wear for day-to-day activities.  The wear pattern on the soles of your shoes provide important clues to your team of foot health professionals.  Overpronation and other gait abnormalities can help to identify the source of your foot pain while running.  

Whether you’re experiencing blisters, shin splints, heel pain, or other foot conditions related to running; Chiropodist Tony Abbott is here to help.  Don’t settle for the theory of, “No pain. No gain.”  Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to keep your feet feeling their best.  Call our office at (705) 444-9929, or schedule an appointment online.