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Fall runningThere’s a crackle in the air that can put a spring in your step—if you don’t let yourself get psyched out by the cold. Even the most hard-core runner may find it increasingly difficult to crawl out from under the covers and hit the road. While you may struggle with mind over matter (down comforter vs. cold nose), there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that exercising in the cold does no harm.

For the average healthy person, heading out in dipping temperatures is fine when the proper safety steps are taken. Remember to dress for the weather, but don’t overdo it. Your body has an advanced thermostat designed to keep you at 37 toasty degrees. Cover your extremities (head, hands, and feet), and wear water-proof and wind resistant layers that are easily shed once your body warms. A scarf can come in handy as a way to insure that you are breathing warm air and not cold.

Proper running shoes should always be a half size larger than your normal sneakers. However, winter running shoes may need to be a whole size bigger to accommodate thicker, warmer socks. Make sure that you store your cotton ones away for spring, and choose materials that will wick away moisture.

Watch the weather. There’s no need to risk heavy wind, rain, and snow. Treacherous street and path conditions are an accident waiting to happen. Not only that, but being wet and cold makes it difficult for your body to maintain the proper temperature. Always have a Plan B for days that are just too bad for an outdoor workout.

As for pulling yourself out from under the warm covers each day, an exercise buddy may be just what you need. Knowing that someone will be waiting for you is often the best motivation to lace up your shoes and don your hat and gloves for a cold weather workout.

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