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Grabbing Water at MarathonThe Collingwood Half Marathon and 10k is coming up on Saturday, Oct. 4, and runners are looking forward to posting their personal bests. Both routes are fast and take you through the rolling countryside to enjoy the beautiful fall colors. If you are running with diabetes, there are several things you need to keep in mind as you prepare for the big day.

You should already be working with your medical team to ensure you know how to keep your sugar under control while you run. They can tell you what to eat, when to eat, and things you need to have with you on a long run—your meter, glucose tablets, and snacks with the right carb/protein mix, for example.

You may be working with a running coach as well, who can help plan your workouts to build strength and stamina. At Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic, we add another dimension. We understand what running can to do to diabetic feet, so we can help you protect them from injury while you run.

You will spend hours and miles in your shoes, so pick them carefully. They should fit perfectly so they don’t rub or put pressure on any part of your feet. Room enough for your toes and proper support for your arch are also crucial. Make sure they have good cushioning as well, and that the insole is removable if you need to wear custom orthotic inserts.

Socks should not have any seams that could irritate your skin and should stay up properly, but should not be so tight that they cut off your circulation—which may already be altered by your diabetes. They should also be made from a fabric that keeps dampness and sweat away from your skin.

Be sure to check your feet each day, especially after a workout or race, to check for a hot spot or blister that may have developed. If your diabetes has started to show complications of nerve damage or poor circulation, tiny sores on your lower limbs can quickly progress to a serious issue. Contact Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic in Collinwood, ON at the first sign of trouble, so we can treat it and get you back on the road again. You can call (705) 444-9929 or request an appointment on our website.

Photo credit: Sura Nualpradid via freedigitalphotos.net