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Running on roadSpring’s arrival was a long time coming and you may feel a bit depressed, wondering if warm days will ever get here. Join the club! If you are a runner, here’s another thing you can join: Collingwood’s 3rdAnnual Defeat Depression Walk/Run coming up on May 25. Hopefully the weather will improve by then, and you’ll have a great time helping to raise money for mental health programs in our community. If you are running with warts on the bottom of your feet, now is the time to stop them in their tracks and get your feet in shape for the big day.

A plantar wart can be very painful. This hard growth on the sole of your foot can make you feel like you are landing on a sharp stone with every step. To get rid of it, you can try a salicylic acid treatment from the drug store. Follow directions and be careful, as the acid can burn normal skin. Breaking a Vitamin A capsule and applying the liquid to the wart each day could solve the problem. You can also try using fine sandpaper or a pumice stone to get rid of the hard, dry surface of the wart, but don’t be so rough that you damage the skin or cause it to bleed. Be aware that many of the over-the-counter products are not strong enough to kill a resistant plantar wart, so professional care may be necessary for faster results.

For runners, it is really important to keep your feet as dry as possible, because warts love moist conditions. Wear socks that draw dampness away from the skin and change them twice a day. You can also use a donut patch to cushion the wart from pressure and pain while you are running. Using a medicated foot powder may help discourage warts from starting in the first place.

If running with warts is keeping you down, don’t wait. Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic has the answer to your plantar wart problem. Chiropodist Tony Abbott enjoys running and has the experience to treat all sorts of conditions that runners experience.  Call us in Collingwood, ON, today at (705) 444-9929. We want to help!

Photo Credit: Sura Nualpradid via freedigitalphotos.net