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LegsPassionate debates are taking place in the running world regarding what’s best for your feet and form:  bare feet or running shoes.  Even if you’re not a runner, you make daily decisions about whether or not to kick off your footwear during the day.  What should you consider?

Home is a great place to enjoy the freedom of being barefoot.  Not only do your feet need time to stretch and breathe; your shoes need a break as well!  Letting them dry out will help to defend against infections.  Take this opportunity to put your feet up and stretch those toes.  Make circular motions with your ankles, and flex the feet to loosen muscles.

Once you leave the house, it’s always best to have your feet covered.  Public places are breeding grounds for viruses and bacterium that lead to warts and infections.  Even grassy areas can be fraught with dangers:  glass, sharp rocks, or other debris can lead to puncture wounds. Hot surfaces such as concrete and sand can cause serious burns.  Shoes provide protection for one of your greatest assets!

If you are diabetic, you should not go barefoot.  Even in places that seem safe, like your house, dangers lurk.  Stubbing your toe, or stepping on a sharp object can lead to injury and infection  Wearing shoes with custom orthotics or prescription diabetic footwear also aids in even distribution of weight across the feet.  This provides relief for pressure points that may lead to ulcers.

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