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MarathonEven if you’re not a high school or college student getting ready for cross country this fall, there are ways to learn more about running. The Collingwood Harriers have certified coaches who hold track and field training sessions on Tuesdays at 4:30 PM, and on Thursdays at 6 PM, distance runners meet informally for an hour-long session to practice and help each other work on techniques. You may even find someone to give you helpful tips on running with metatarsalgia.

This condition involves pain and inflammation in the front part of your foot, just behind your toes where the long metatarsal bones connect to them. This area is subject to a lot of stress when running, especially if you have any other problems such as a tight Achilles tendon or poor foot mechanics. These can cause an uneven distribution of your weight on the ends of the bones, and your body reacts by sending more blood to the area, causing inflammation, pressure, and pain.

At Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic, we know a lot about running, and we are also experts in identifying and treating problems in your lower legs and feet. While you take a short rest from running and use ice to treat swelling and pain, we can explain other ways to stay in shape. Let us show you the correct way to do strengthening exercises that can help, like picking up marbles with your feet to tone your arches, or using resistance bands to build up the plantar sling muscles that help hold your arch in place. We have knowledge about the right type of shoes for your feet as well, and can design custom orthotic inserts that address your foot mechanics and relieve pain.

Treating the problem early and properly will mean you won’t have to stay off the track for long. For more tips on running with metatarsalgia, call (705) 444-9929 today to set up an appointment with Chiropodist Tony Abbott, and leave your pain in the dust.

Photo Credit: Badziol40 VIA pixabay.com