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Stem CellDiabetics often experience difficulty with the healing of wounds.  Decreased blood flow and loss of feeling can be a devastating combination for people with this disease.  If a wound or injury is unnoticed due to numbness, infection often occurs quickly.  Blood brings the body’s healing properties to needed areas.  However, poor circulation and the distance of the feet from the heart result in slow healing.  If too much time passes, amputation may be the only way to stop the infection from spreading.  

In the past, there have been few treatment options for chronic wounds.  Stem cell therapy has become a ray of hope in the battle against these open sores.  It could take months for an ulcer treated with conventional methods to heal.  However, this type of therapy dramatically reduces the time that it takes for the wound to close.  

Why does stem cell therapy work?  It takes new skin tissue to repair a wound and stem cells can provide that.  These cells aid in repairing the damaged tissue and keeping it healthy.  Shortening the healing time reduces the risk of infection—a very important benefit for people with diabetes.

If you have diabetes, check your feet daily for signs of trouble.  Remember that a small cut can lead to big issues, so don’t ignore your foundation.  It’s also critical to work with your care team to ensure that your foot health is monitored and that you are educated about breakthrough treatments such as stem cell therapy.  

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