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find some relief with foot orthotics

When you have constant foot, leg, hip or back pain, being on your feet can be torturous, especially if your job is an active one. Your feet are actually a very complex part of your body, so one area that is off or affected can easily throw other areas higher up the kinetic chain, like your legs or back, out of kilter, which can cause a lot of pain or soreness. If you know you have foot issues and would like to be able to find some relief with foot orthotics, there are a few steps you can take to finding the right foot orthotics for you.

  1. Find a qualified clinic. Because your foot is so complex, you shouldn’t trust it to just anyone! Here at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic, we work with complex foot problems all the time, and we can tell you how you to move your feet when you walk, how your gait affects your stance, and how to relieve any issues.
  2. Try out several pairs. After a helpful visit with a professional, you’ll want to try out several recommended options. Many professional shoe stores will have some options of foot orthotics for you to try in different pairs of shoes before buying, so don’t be afraid to play with sizes and levels of firmness.
  3. Switch out your shoes. Just like you wouldn’t wear the same pair of socks every day, don’t use the same pair of orthotics and shoes every day. Get a couple of sets of foot orthotics you enjoy and allow them to breathe between uses.

For more information about foot orthotics and their use for your feet, contact us today at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic.