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You’ve probably heard of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which affects the wrists. A similar foot condition, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, is caused by the squeezing or compression of a nerve within the tarsal tunnel. The tunnel, which houses arteries, tendons, and nerves, stretches from the inside ankle bone across to the back of the foot. The components of the tarsal tunnel provide for flexibility and movement.

What does this mean for you?  Have you been experiencing burning and tingling in your feet? Shooting pain? Numbness? If so, you should visit Abbott Foot and Ankle Clinic to find out if Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is the culprit. Those with flat feet, ankle sprains, diabetes, or bone spurs are at particular risk for this condition.

Fortunately, there are non-surgical options available for many sufferers of this syndrome. One of the most common suggestions is foot strengthening exercises. One such exercise involves picking up a pencil with your toes and holding it for seven seconds. You may feel silly, but doing this exercise for six reps, three times a day can help. Another fun exercise is walking on your toes or heels. Heel and calf stretches are also recommended.

If exercise is painful, or if the condition persists, your chiropodist may prescribe custom orthotics or recommend anti-inflammatory medications. Surgery is also an option in some cases.

Remember, painful feet should never be ignored. Call Tony Abbott right away to find out the cause of your discomfort. To set up an appointment, call (705) 444-9929.