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Pain Management

If you are looking for pain management options for your feet, we will try traditional low-tech methods, like icing and stretching, first. Pain medication and custom orthotics are two other commonly recommended methods for pain management, but they will not work for all people or all foot pain. If these methods do not bring you relief, you will be glad to know that new technologies for pain management can bring real relief without invasive solutions, like surgery.

One of these new technologies is laser treatment for pain management:

  • Laser treatment is noninvasive, and it can bring quick relief to foot pain.
  • A low-level laser light is used to stimulate the natural growth of the cells in your foot, increasing natural healing and cell repair.
  • It is believed that laser treatment encourages cellular metabolism and an increased immune response, resulting in natural healing.

Another option for pain management is manual foot therapy:

  • Manual foot therapy is a low-tech pain management technique that requires a specially trained professional.
  • No equipment or special machines are needed.
  • Your feet and their joints will be manipulated by hand to relieve pressure on trigger points to correct joint alignment and increase tissue length in the foot.

Foot pain is not a natural part of the aging process. Because many conditions can cause foot pain, it is important to consult with a professional for long-lasting, safe pain management options. Remember, you don’t have to suffer in silence.