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Child FeetIf you want your children to be more active, there is a place in Collingwood that can help. The YMCA offers a safe place for children to move around, learn, and grow. The center offers activities from family Zumba to floor hockey, volleyball, and soccer. However, if your childrens’ heel pain is limiting their activity, come in to Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic for a checkup before they start any new activity.

One of the main causes of sore heels in children is a condition called Sever’s disease. This involves a tight Achilles tendon pulling at the growth plate of the heel. It can cause inflammation, swelling, and pain at the back of the heel where the tendon is attached. Below are two stretching exercises that may help relax the tendon and reduce the irritation. Remember: don’t do stretches while your child’s foot is painful; wait until it is better, and never stretch until it hurts.

  • Have your child lie on his or her back with legs straight out. Gently lift each foot up toward the shin bone until it is at a 90 degree angle. Hold 8 seconds, relax, and repeat five times. Do this several times throughout the day. There should be NO pain; if there is—stop.
  • Your child stands facing a wall, with one foot a step behind the other, heel flat on the ground. Leaning in toward the wall at the hip will stretch the gastrocnemius muscle. Hold 10 seconds, repeat three times. Doing the same thing with the back leg slightly bent will stretch the soleus muscle. Repeat with each leg three times a day as long as it does not hurt.

You need to be patient and persevere. It may take a few weeks of doing these consistently to make the muscles and tendons flexible enough to eliminate your childrens’ heel pain. If the pain does not get better or gets worse, it’s time to call in an expert. For great foot care in the Owen Sound, Collingwood, and Barrie region, depend on Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic for your child’s needs. Call (705) 444-9929 or use our website to set up an appointment. We want your children to enjoy a happy, active life without pain.

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles via FreeDigitalPhotos.net