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Walking in snowRunning in winter in Ontario is always an adventure. Just when you are used to bundling up to fight sub-zero blizzard conditions a January thaw sets in, and you need to dress for warmer temps and wet slush. The right running gear can make all the difference between an enjoyable run and one that leaves you wet, cold, and worn out – or with a foot or ankle injury from slipping on the ice or landing in a hidden pothole.

When running in the snow, start with the right kind of clothing, and dress as though it is 15 degrees warmer– you will warm up more quickly than you think. Layer a long sleeve shirt and tights or pants that wick away moisture with a windproof jacket, hat, and gloves. If it’s really cold, add a mid-layer of fleece or other insulating fabric. Try taking a warm shower or warming your clothes in the dryer before you dress and head out into the cold, and start with a few minutes of walking before hitting your stride.

Your footgear needs to fit properly, give good support for your particular foot structure, and keep out the wind and wet snow. It also needs proper tread to keep your footing on packed snow and ice, although you should try to run on fresh snow if possible. Use trail shoes, or put a pair of Yak Trax over your shoes for traction. Keep your stride shorter and your feet closer to the ground for an efficient workout and safer running. If you are in good shape and want a challenge, you might even try a snowshoe run for a change of pace!

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