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It’s hard to admit at the moment, but it won’t be long before we’re once again walking in a winter wonderland. If you’ve ever experienced being unprepared for the first big snow of the season, you know it’s no fun to be caught without your boots on; let’s face it, you’re better off trudging through the white stuff in boots than squish-squashing your way through the shopping mall parking lot on the hunt for a last-minute pair.

These days, fashion and function aren’t necessarily separate when it comes to winter footwear, so fashionistas, remove all hesitation! Once you begin your search, you’ll be plenty surprised at the plethora of boot options available that cater to both your practical and your particular side.

Where to begin? First in line is the decision between snow boots and winter boots. Winter boots are designed to keep your feet warm, but snow boots are meant to keep you both warm and dry. Winter boots will boast more in the way of fashion, while snow boots will cater to the function side of the equation. If you plan to spend a lot of time standing in snow, snow boots are your friend. Don’t hold back—aim for warm, dry happy toes all winter long.

When shopping for boots, there are a few things to consider. How high is the boot (ie. how much coverage does it offer your feet, ankles and legs)? What do the soles and uppers consist of? Snow boot soles should always be made of a waterproof material like rubber, in order to truly keep your feet dry. Another bonus of a waterproof sole is that it’s quite easy to clean—just take a hose to the bottom and you’re good as new. Snow boot uppers should be made of nylon or leather, and may also have a fleece cuff or drawstring at the top to provide extra warmth and protection.

It’s in your best interest to invest in a boot that works well for you. If you purchase the inexpensive pair this year, you’ll likely find yourself back in the boot aisle when next year’s Winter rolls around. You’ll never be sorry for investing in the comfort of your feet, but you certainly may be sorry if you don’t. Take good care of your toes this Winter and cover them up in a pair  of boots that’s warm and waterproof!


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