Why You Should Consider Your Feet for Low Back Pain Causes

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Why You Should Consider Your Feet for Low Back Pain CausesWhen it comes to thinking about what could be causing your lower back pain, you likely think of the basics: posture, misalignment, muscle strain, etc., and attempt the usual remedies, including pain medications, realignments, and more. These are all valid possibilities for low back pain causes, but it’s often easiest and most effective to treat the less familiar yet most common cause of back pain first: the feet. Here’s why you should consider the feet for low back pain causes.

Foot Pain Can Alter Your Balance and Posture

You might not always think about it, but when you have any form of foot pain, your body adjusts your stance to redirect the pressure away from the point of pain. With this adjustment, your balance and posture are offset just enough to throw off the muscles in your back. This is usually enough to cause lower back pain over time if the problem persists.

Foot Pain is Easier to Treat

Out of all the possible low back pain causes, foot pain is the easiest to treat. Instead of finding yourself regularly at the chiropractor for adjustments or the pharmacist for pain medicine, you can apply some simple foot pain remedies or even use orthotics to relieve both your foot pain and back pain.

It’s also important to note that attempting a realignment or other approaches may be ineffective if the true cause of your back pain is coming from your feet. Even if you do need a realignment, it’s better to treat the foot pain first to take the added pressure off your back and then follow up by treating any necessary parts of the back.

If you are wondering about potential low back pain causes and think it could have something to do with your feet, just give us a call at Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic, so we can help you identify the true cause of your pain and help you find relief.