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Orthotics for foot pain come in an array of designs for a wide variety of foot problems. Toe deformities like bunions and hammertoes benefit from shoes with wider, higher fronts and various protective pads. Toe separators for corns, metatarsal pads for metatarsalgia or neuromas, and rocker bottom soles and soft cushioning for stiff big toes or diabetic ulcers are all useful solutions.

For flatfoot pain, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee, or a limb length deformity, full-length inserts for your shoes can be the answer for frustrating pain and loss of mobility. Custom orthotics can address foot structure and pronation problems that make it difficult for you to walk and function fully without discomfort.

These are different than the pre-fab versions you find at pharmacies or supermarkets. At Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic, we fit your orthotics exactly to the contours of your feet and mold them to correct problems with biomechanics that lead to your foot and leg—or even back—problems. Give our office in Collingwood, ON a call today for an appointment. You can also set one up on our website. We will diagnose what is causing your foot pain, and find the best solution for you.