How do I prevent fungal nails?

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Avoiding the fungus can be difficult. However, developing certain habits may help prevent fungal nails on your toes. Just remember 5 Cs:

  • Clean and dry. Keep your feet, nails, hands, shoes and socks as clean and dry as possible at all times.
  • Careful when you trim. Don’t cut nails too short, and don’t cut cuticles. The fungus is waiting for the smallest opening near the nail to invade.
  • Cut out the sharing. Towels, socks, shoes, and pedicure implements used by an infected person can harbor the fungus. Don’t use other’s things.
  • Cover your feet. Especially in danger areas like pools, gym floors, and public showers, wear flip flops or shower shoes to avoid contact, and let them dry well afterwards.
  • Cure with antifungal products. If you’ve had an infection, you can keep it from returning by using these sprays, powders and lotions in your shoes and on your feet to kill fungus before it attacks.

Following these tips won’t guarantee you’ll never get an infection, but they can make it less likely. Call Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic in Collingwood, ON at (705) 444-9929 for more tips, or to set up an appointment to have toenail fungus treated.