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Dancing with the Stars champion Jennifer Grey recently had surgery on her foot to remove a painful neuroma.  This has been plaguing her for sometime so she was forced to have it fixed.

A neuroma usually occurs between the 3rd and 4th metatarsals of the foot and is usually caused by an irritation of the nerve through that region of the foot.  The body’s response to the pressure causes a thickening of the nerve which over time can lead to the formation of a painful neuroma.   Initially, you may feel like you have something in your shoe but then a burning pain usually develops.   You may also experience a numbness or tingling that extends up into the toes.  This pain is often relieved by wearing a wider shoe and possibly an over-the counter arch pad.

If the pain persists, as it did for Jennifer Grey, it is critical to seek medical attention – you may be able to avoid an unnecessary surgery.