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Lady Gaga needed her “Poker Face” when she had an unscheduled fall recently on stage while performing her hit song.

Let’s look at why this may have happened…  Do you really think she should have been jumping while wearing those black sexy boots?  Jumping once in 5 inch heels is not a wise thing to do at the best of times -let alone jumping repeatedly on stage.  The spike heels and the smooth surface of the bottom of the boots just do not make for a stable landing surface.

Luckily in this case Lady Gaga was not injured but she could have easily sprained her ankle or even fractured the head of the fibula (small bone on the outside of her lower leg).  Either of these injuries could have sidelined her for an extended period.

This incident should be a reminder to us all to wear appropriate footwear for the activity that you performing.  And if you are wearing a high heel, be sensible about what activity you attempt to do.