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The holiday parties have begun and you may already notice your scale creeping up a pound or two from overindulging in those seasonal treats. If you overspent while shopping, you don’t have money left for the gym fees, either. With cold, snowy weather keeping you from your normal outdoor exercise, you could be asking for trouble. What to do? Here are some ideas to help you get in shape at home that won’t cost you a dime.

Tips to Get in ShapeStart with activities to keep you flexible but make sure you warm up first. Walk up and down your staircase or ride an exercise bike for 5 to 10 minutes. Once muscles are warm, do stretches designed for the major muscle groups. Focus on your arms, back, hips, and upper and lower leg muscles, holding each stretch for 15 to 30 seconds. Spice things up by checking out a yoga or Pilates DVD from the library.

Next, work on muscle strength while doing normal household tasks. Scrub the tub or wash out your cupboards and reorganize them—using those soup and vegetable cans like weights while you are at it. It has to be done anyway, so make snow shoveling a part of your workout. Just remember to use your hip and leg muscles with each throw, which will help you avoid twisting and straining your back. Muscle toners like pushups and leg lifts require nothing more than a little open floor space.

Finally, work on your cardio while doing daily chores. Swing your arms when you walk from one room to another. Walk your dog briskly around the block—you’ll get back to your warm house faster! Use your stationary bike while watching your favorite TV programs. Even jogging in place or jumping jacks can work. Try setting up a contest with your family members or roommates, encouraging each other to maintain weight and stay active. Keeping an exercise chart on your fridge may even help you choose activity over munching.

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