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November 11th, I stood among groups of people paying their respects at the war statue in our nation’s capital of Ottawa. I was fortunate to be one of the hundreds of people there to pay their respects and to remember those who had fought for our freedom. The war memorial in Ottawa is absolutely beautiful. Being there is a very humbling and emotional experience. From seeing the memorial the night before all lit up to seeing all of the wreaths and poppies that sat amongst the bottom of it. One memory that I will keep with me is the grave of the “unkown soldier” that lays only a few feet away. It was covered in layers of poppies, letters written from children and others saying thank you, as well as pictures that covered the top of this monument. I myself took off my poppy and placed it down onto the grave, thanking those who fought, thanking those who are still fighting. I did not know at the time but there are remains of an unknown soldier who died in France during World War 1 placed in that grave who represents the 27,500 unknown Canadian soldiers who do not have a grave.

My brother joined the Canadian Military three years ago and while I stood there I felt and I still feel an overwhelming sense of pride for the job that he has taken on to protect our Country. To all of the men and woman who have joined to protect our freedom. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Written by Amanda Bryce of Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic