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feet in air with jeansHow does Tony Post count his toes? By twos. This and countless other jokes could be made about the latest from this shoe magnate. However, few would laugh after he placed Vibram at the front of the minimalist sneaker craze with the FiveFinger shoe. Now head of his own venture, ToPo Athletic, Post is out to redefine the sneaker yet again.

With a Vulcan feel, the new line of futuristic footwear is based on an ancient Japanese design known as tabi. Separation of the big toe from rest of the phalanges is the concept used in socks and boots in that country. In fact, a Japanese runner won the Boston Marathon in 1951 wearing a first attempt at this type of running shoe. That company, Onitsuka, is currently a part of Asics. Other major brands have also produced their own lines of tabi shoes in the past, but none have become popular among the masses.

Topo’s design has a more minimalist vibe, and you’re sure to turn heads with these shoes, but what will they do for your feet? The concept is that the division of the toes leads to better balance and improved stability. Can you infer that your speeds will increase?  While no shoe can promise that, if you’re looking for new running gear you might try a pair on for size.

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Photo Credit: GLady via Pixabay.com